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 Emulation : Surreal64 CE B5.5
Posté par legueux le 28/5/2011 9:24:02 (8581 lectures)
Ez0n3, freakdave & weinerschnitzel proposent une nouvelle version de cet emulator N64 pour Xbox (combinant 1964, Project64 et UltraHLE) basé sur Surreal64 de oDD et Lantus.

Voici le changelog officiel :

* Native 720p output for all video plugins and the launcher
* Full Screen Anti Aliasing modes up to 4x
* VSYNC setting to eliminate tearing
* Save state previews
* Paths for Saves and Screenshots
* Mupen64plus updated JttL audio plugin (still testing)
* M64p HLE RSP plugin (Hacktarux & Azimer)
* HLE RSP plugin (Hacktarux, Surreal CVS)
* New setting UseRspAudio
* Rom history which auto-selects the last rom at launch
* Option to toggle background music for the launcher
* Launch current rom using Y from the emulator settings menu
* Temporary messages (as known from Surreal 1.0) for launcher and all video plugins
* UltraHLE mem settings to ini - Ultra Code Mem/Ultra Group Mem
* Favorites for rom list from Surreal 1.0 (BLACK = list all/favs, WHITE = add/rem fav)
* Skin.ini for many new skinning features
* XMV Video support
* Real Time Clock support for 1964 (thanks to Shapyi and zoinkity)
* EmuXtras Synopsis by MegaMan(?)

* Music Manager so that it plays more than one wma file (LEFT THUMBSTICK = next track)
* Deadzone now calculated as a percentage of total range
* Load/Save State text to reflect date created
* Paging methods now user defined setting in Launcher
* Max Video Mem so that 0 is auto (keep to 2MB free)
* Set VertexMode default to 2 (hardware)
* Stripped non audio SDLx code from JttL
* Toggling menu items in Launcher/IGM does now also work with DPAD/LEFT THUMBSTICK
* Expanded ingame debug info output
* Control Config Panel reorganized to better fit an image panel

* Mempak issue (still needs work - UltraHLE is still missing)
* Rice Video 5.60 fog reverted to that of Rice Daedalus 5.10
* Screenshot name problems
* Switching paks in menu issue
* Countless ini fixes for all Rice plugins, PJ64, 1964 (BIG thx scorp316)
* GoldenEye crashes if 4 players were facing each other in multiplayer (UltraHLE)
* Minor core (1964) and dynarec (1964/PJ64) optimizations
* Increased volume for launcher and all sound plugins except Basic Audio (missing source code)
* Several missing boxarts
* Squished boxarts

* Consistent PAL and NTSC definitions
* Added libSDLx source from HuntsVegas
* Moved all OSD code into a single file
* Added Build.bat
* Added Profile, Profile_FastCap, and Release_LTCG configs
* Changed all projects to have unique GUID's
* Switched launcher ini parser to simpleini
* Mem Decommit from 1964/PJ64 to UltraHLE for IGM
* Added Doom 64 1.1 to boxarts (rename of existing)
* Added GoldenEye:X to Surreal.ini

 Surreal64 CE B5.5

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